How It Works

All you need to get started is a computer and an internet connection. You may also need a headset and microphone for video or voice sessions, if they are not already built into your computer. There are three ways to seek help from our experts; public webinars, private sessions and posting questions.


Public Webinars

In our webinars, you will be able to see our experts talking live on selected topics of their expertise. You will also be able to interact with them by posting your questions before or during the webinar. Our experts will read and answer your questions live during the webinar.


Register for a webinar

  1. Click the ‘Register Now’ button provided on the Upcoming Webinars page for the webinar that interests you.
  2. Complete the registration form.
  3. You will receive an email confirming your registration for the webinar.


Join a webinar

  1. At the time of the webinar, open the webinar confirmation email.
  2. Click the Join Webinar link provided in the confirmation email.
  3. You will see a dialog box that indicates that you are downloading a small application to your machine. DON'T BE ALARMED! It's safe and reliable. It is the software that provides you will access to the webinar. It should only take a few seconds. You may be prompted to allow the application to install. If prompted, click "Yes, Grant or Trust" to accept the download.
  4. Next you should see either the webinar in progress or a message that indicates that the session has not yet begun with instructions to hold. You may or may not hear sound. If you have internal or external speakers or a headset connected to your computer, you will be able to hear when there's something to hear.


Asking questions

Before the webinar starts, you can send your questions to us through the Post a Question form. When the webinar starts, you will need to chat your questions or send them to the webinar organizers through the Questions pane in the control panel.



Private Sessions

Supported browsers for video sessions are Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

To start talking to an expert, you only need to take the following simple steps:

  1. Register anonymously and choose your username and password.
  2. Browse through our list of experts to identify the right professional for your situation.
  3. Start a session immediately if your expert is online*, or you may message them requesting an appointment.

* You will only pay for the time you use.
Support for smart phones will be available soon.



Post a Question

If you do not know which expert or category is suitable for your issue, you may post a question to all the experts. They will then review your issue and the ones who have relevant expertise will contact you directly to offer their help.