What is Eshraq?

Eshraq connects you to experts who can help you with personal issues in the comfort of your own home. You can choose an expert who can give you the advice that you need, either by live video, voice or text chat – whatever suits you best. You can connect to them immediately, or schedule an appointment for a future date. If you are unsure of the type of help that you need, you can contact our team for advice and expert recommendations.


Some of the areas that Eshraq's experts can help you with include:

• Stress, anxiety and depression
• Medical advice and second opinion
• Relationship and marriage counselling
• Child welfare and parenting advice
• Life coaching

• Nutrition
• Eating disorders
• Domestic violence counselling
• Addiction problems

Our technology allows you to connect with experts immediately via a private one-on-one online video session. If you feel more comfortable, voice-only and text chat sessions are also available. You will pay only for the time that you use. As part of our Social Mission, we also offer subsidised and free sessions through partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as participating experts.


Whether you are dealing with a new or existing problem, looking for a second opinion or seeking help for a family member or friend, Eshraq's extensive team of experts will be able to guide you, privately and anonymously.